This meditation can be understood only by doing it; there is hardly any theory that can fully explain its effects and the way it works. It is an intuitive process to connect you with the higher energy. When that connection is made your own self gets energized. And a lot of things follow resultantly. It’s not about knowledge or discussion; it’s about sheer experience. So it works on you irrespective of your knowledge or sensitivity towards religion, spirituality or your intelligence level or your age. It goes beyond the mind and body.

Hey Maalik Sadhna detaches you from your circumstances and mental and emotional states so that you can observe your own life and being with clarity. Estranged relationships, careers gone wrong, and underperformance, all these are a result of incorrect emotional and mental resolves. Once you are connected with the higher energy, your mental and emotional healing starts. Due to the pressures and strains of modern living, negativities get deposited in us. Meditation removes those negative deposits.

Since most physical ailments too have their roots in ideas and emotions, it is seen that people also get cured of chronic, seemingly incurable diseases through this meditation. We have been hearing stories of great beings like Shirdi Sai Baba and Jesus Christ healing people by merely looking at them. Even today if you look at their photographs, you can feel the same energy. Meditation connects your inner being with that supreme energy. This connection can make anything possible. It creates the healing potential within your own self.

A few minutes of meditation everyday can give you life-changing experiences. 

It helps fights, and even cures, chronic diseases
It helps you get over bad emotional states and improve your relationships
It cures depression and anxiety
It increases your professional performance and makes you more people-oriented
It increases concentration and improves general understanding
It makes you contented and happy and gives you purpose and meaning

Those Who got Cured Through Hey Maalik Meditation

Reema Singhal, Age : 45 Years, Houswife, State Bank Colony, Delhi

I got rid of all my physical and mental problems. My severe backpain, hernia, calcium deficiency, anaemia, vericose veins, stress and depression got completely cured. I also learnt to handle growing children better. I lost 9 inches from tummy in a 9-day workshop… that’s a miracle for me. Now I am totally fit and do regular sewa for Holistic Parivar. The best part of this programme is the Hey Maalik meditation. I practise it daily for 20 minutes.

Geeta Arora, Age : 40 Years, Teacher, State Bank Colony, Delhi

"I lost 11 kgs at Dr. Satya's programme. My major problem was stress. Today I am very happy. I have no stress or tension. My problems of blood infection, hormonal imbalance, swelling in legs and hands all have been totally cured. I learnt how to stay happy. I also learnt how to speak in public." Gurgaon, Haryana.

Manish Jain, Age : 46 Years, Businessman, Ashok Vihar, Delhi

"The meaning of my life took a positive direction after completing the most marvelous Dr. Satya's Holistic camp. The camp was so powerful that we launched a concept called "Josh". I would recomend to all people to understand the meaning of life and nurture the benefits of transformation after attending the camp. I like Dr. Satya's "Yes principle" the most. For success in life this camp is a miracle."

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