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Hey Maalik Meditation

Hey Maalik Meditation can be understood only by doing it; there is hardly any theory that can fully explain its effects and the way it works. It is an intuitive process to connect you with the higher energy. When that connection is made your own self gets energized. And a lot of things follow resultantly. It’s not about knowledge…Read More

Holistic Life

The guiding principal behind all our efforts is The Holistic Life Mission, which is our overall aim of promoting spirituality and health among the masses. The need for this mission arises out of the contemporary divisions of life which has made growth lopsided. A professionally successful person is personally miserable…Read More

Yoga & Pranayam

Yoga is a system that dates back to ancient India. First reference to Yoga is found in sage Patanjali’s Yogasutras. Patanjli is in fact considered the father of Yoga. The word yoga is derived from the Sanskrit root “yuj,” which means “to unite” — the union of the soul with God. This is the overall concept that governs a number of different practices…Read More


The philosophy behind our Holistic wellness therapies is: nature cures. All of these therapies are based on natural methods to align your body with its on cycles and processes. Most ailments occur when the body gets de-aligned from its own processes. Our Holistic therapies realign your body, restore its vital functions and repair the…Read More

Upcoming Events

7 may 2017 : Dr. Satya’s Holistic Health monthly Newsletter Launch at Shalimar Bagh Delhi

21 May 2017 : 40 days Biggest Weight Loser Contest at A ll Dr. Satya’s Holistic Centres

1-4 June 2017 : Rishikesh Holistic Retreat with Dr. Satya